6 Common Security Solutions for Schools

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It’s that time of year again. School busses are driving through the neighborhood, school zone lights are flashing, and the bell is ringing. That’s right, summer is over and the students are back to school.

Walking in the front door of your child’s school you may notice several different types of security technology in place.

These systems help protect the students, staff and property. Here are six of the common security solutions you will see and why they are important.

6 Common Security Solutions for Schools


1. Access Control

Remember that button you have to push to get in the front door?  Those controlled access entry doors and gates protect your child and their school building from any unwanted entry.

Access control is generally made up of a combination of software, electronic door controls, card readers and access cards. If you come across a controlled access point in a visit to your child’s school, be sure to follow the guest procedures outlines to gain authorized access.

2. Surveillance

You may notice cameras monitoring the parking lots and building entrances when you drop off your child. The footage from these cameras can be monitored on site or by a remote surveillance program.

Deterring unwanted behavior is at the core of video surveillance which can also provide the critical information necessary to expedite investigations and evaluate operational issues.security camera

3. Fire Safety Systems

Fires can spread quickly! Encourage your student to take a minute on their way to class and locate their closest fire alarm, extinguisher and exit. Maybe even point them out during a PTA visit or conference.

Everyone plays a critical role in fire safety planning.

4. Staff Training

Who operates the safety systems that are in place at your child’s school? What happens when there is a problem in your child’s classroom?  

Staff training is critical for keeping children, administrators and faculty safe and secure. When your school’s staff is adequately trained, everyone is safer.

5. Communications

Intercom systems aren’t just for the Pledge of Allegiance and school announcements. Reliable communication is key for a rapid response in times of crisis and allows the staff to respond efficiently throughout crisis situations.

Intercom systems are one common way schools distribute important information quickly throughout school buildings and to emergency responders.

6. Pre-Plan Critical Events

This might be a bit alarming to hear from your child, but at the beginning of each year schools conduct safety drills (including fire, severe weather, and intruder) with students and staff.

Pre-planning and be prepared is one of the most important steps in school security systems. Although we hope you never experience a true emergency, it’s better for everyone to know what to expect.

Systems Technology Co. works closely with many of the schools in the Tennessee Valley such as Academy for Academics & Art to provide a custom security systems to keep children, faculty and administrators safe.

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