Sytems Technology Business Fire Safety Checklist

Sytems Technology Business Fire Safety ChecklistAccording to the National Fire Protection Agency, there were $2.7 Billion in direct property damage in non-home structure fires in 2013.

A fire can have a devastating impact on any business. Having a Business Fire Safety Checklist is an important part of your business operations.

Systems Technology Co. has put together this quick reference list. Keep it handy and check off each one to make fire safety a priority.

Business Fire Safety Checklist

1. Fire Extinguishers

2. Extension Cords, Heaters & Coffee Pots

  • Check regularly for frayed cords
  • Unplug small appliances when not in use
  • Do not chain multiple extension cords together

3. Escape Plan

  • Create and post your escape plan
  • Routinely conduct fire drills

4. Storage Places

  • Keep sprinkler heads clear of stored items
  • Store flammable items according to their guidelines
  • Reduce clutter and keep pathways clear

Systems Technology Co. has been assisting business owners and managers with their workplace fire safety systems since 1987.

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