Video Surveillance

Creating a deterrent to crime is at the core of video surveillance.  At Systems Technology we take pride in delivering monitoring solutions that give you peace of mind. And in the event of unwanted entry, our technology provides the critical information necessary to expedite investigations and evaluate operational issues.

Various Types of Video Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance systems are often incorporated into our custom commercial life safety solutions. The experts at Systems Technology can help you determine what type of camera will best fit your needs.

  • security cameraFixed cameras provide a fixed view of a given location; they are ideal for monitoring parking lots and building entrances
  • Dome cameras with the ability to pan, tilt and zoom
  • Wireless: offering extreme flexibility in installation
  • Infrared/Night Vision: night-vision cameras with the ability to see images in pitch black conditions
  • Discreet/ Covert cameras are designed to provide hidden surveillance for high risk target areas; these cameras that can be concealed or disguised as most any object
  • Remote Video Surveillance– remote viewing made possible with DVD or NVR
  • The possibilities are endless

For video surveillance systems, Systems Technology designs systems which utilize the latest video analytics technology available on the market today. 

Contact us today for more information about video surveillance and the applications for your business.

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